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Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Beauty of Autumn

Yes, it´s Autumn again in my adopted country. Autumn in Germany starts on the 21st of September. It does not mean that in that day, it´s automatically cold. The temperature drops down to 10° Celcius in the early morning but sometimes our Autumn weather is what we call "Altweibersommer" and it´s warm up to 22° Celcius. 

This "Altweibersommer" is compared to the Indian summer when the colors of the leaves on the trees are  in yellow, golden and dark royal red shimmering color. The lack of chlorophyll in the leaves due to the lack of sunlight changes their colors into a beautiful foliage of Autumn.  Like the photos above and below which I have taken in our city a few years ago.

This is one of the best Autumn view of the tree. The vibrant color of the red orange leaves still hanging on the tree.
These shrubs in pink were once green in summer. I saw them in green leaves every time I passed this park in going to the city.
This is another beauty of Autumn in golden yellow while the leaves on the ground are wilting in dark brown color, waiting for the wind to blow them away. The trees are preparing for the winter season.

The falling leaves before my eyes were once so green. The day is getting shorter as well as the brightness of the sun. The weather is getting cold everyday. Rain is the constant guest to the misty breeze of the day.

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  1. Autumn looks so lovely in Germany. We still have quite a lot of green here in Riga, Latvia because of the sudden and warm what Latvians call Atvasara or Indian Summer. Slowly the colors are coming out though.

    1. We have a warm and sunny day today Rasma. I hope it will stay for a few days but I know it will not. There are still green colors of the tree but they keep on falling everyday. Thanks for your visit.