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Monday, 6 July 2015

To Use or Not to Use Umbrella in Summer

Happy New Week World! How´s your weather there in your neck of the world? Have you celebrated the 4th of July? Germany don´t celebrate that day. We celebrate every 3rd of October, our Reunifacation Day and that is the celebration of the reunion of the east and west  of Germany.

Going back to the weather. We have a very hot summer and it has just started a week ago. Last Saturday, the 4th of July, our weather was 40°C. I think we have a heat wave here. It was so hot to go outside but I had to go out as I needed something for my cake decoration. I did not bake a cake, I just made a no bake iced cake. When I went out, I thought I could have brought an umbrella with me to keep me from the hurtful sun but I did not do it.

You know why? I did not like to be popular after that. I did not want to catch the eyes of the people who might be staring at me like an alien and might be taking a photo of me with their smartphones. I did not want to be in the front page of the newspapers or might landed in you tube channel and be viral in twitter or so. Oh my! when I think about it...why not! LOL!

Cologne at the Rhine River, Germany

I know, you think I should. Right?!! Asian women are carrying umbrellas in their hands when going out under the heat of the sun. They use umbrellas so they will not get brown. But Asians are very different than Europeans or Americans. They use whitening soaps, lotions, etc... for their skin to become white. So it´s understandable that using umbrella is a normal thing to do in Asian countries. Don´t get me wrong. I love my brown skin. I don´t like to get white as I am always appreciated in having a brown complexion. I just don´t like to have a severe headache or a migraine.

So what now!? To use or not to use umbrella in Germany! I have not seen a single person using umbrella in summer unless it´s raining. I might become a sensation, a celebrity if I do that. Well, I will never know unless I´ll do that. Well then, let´s have an experiment.I´ll do that only if it´s almost 40°C again.

Cologne at the Rhine River, Germany

Thanks for reading my blablabla again but you have learn something from my post. Enjoy your week. God bless!

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