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Monday, 31 August 2015

Berlin Wall Turned Into An Art Wall

Stand alone Graffiti Art of the Berlin Wall. Beautiful!

Have you heard about the Berlin Wall in Germany? I know some of you have and some have not. So I will start with introducing to you the Berlin Wall. 

Berlin Wall or Berliner Mauer was the long wall that divided the East and the West of Germany after the second world war. It was built by the East German Government DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik) or GDR (German Democratic Republic) in 1961 until it was opened in 1989 after a massive escape of the East Germans to the West neighbouring countries. 

I don´t want to go on details so please check this Wikipedia link if you want to know more of the history behind the Berlin Wall. 

What I want to show in this post are the photos of the Berlin Wall now after plenty of people broke the wall for their freedom. Some parts of the wall were taken down by the tourists as remembrance for their visits. There are souvenir shops selling small rocks of the wall but I wonder if they´re real.

I have seen the Berlin Wall through media in the early 80´s and it was indeed an ugly wall. A wall were plenty of east Germans were executed due to trying to escape from that wall and climbed over to the west part of Germany, in the time when East Germany was still a communist country. There were plenty of ugly and sad stories behind that wall that many  American and British movies were made. 

Below are the photos I have taken. The Berlin Wall is still the center of attractions for the tourists but there is not much left of it. What is left is being used for Graffiti Arts. 

The photo was taken from the eastern side of the Berlin Wall
Taken from the eastern part while waiting for the green light for us to cross to the west side of Berlin.

The Berlin Wall on the western side of Berlin.
Graffiti Art on the west side of Berlin.
The leftover of Berlin Wall, west side photo.
A stand alone Graffiti Art of the Berlin Wall, one of the best for me.

Above is a short video of Berlin Wall in Germany. From my You Tube Channel,
 Thellys Travel Videos & More

Thank you very much for reading. Feel free to share to any social media sites you have and to comment on this post. Have a nice week to all.

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  1. The Berlin Wall was the physical symbol of the divide between East & West. it fell in 1989 (I think). Europe has now gone to opposite extreme, with completely open borders creating a massive problem which quite frankly is unmanageable. What we actually need is the something between the two extremes. Freedom to move between different nation states, but in a sensible managed/controlled way.

    1. I agree with you Ray. We need something in between the extreme situations. Germany has another problem nowadays and that is how to control and manage the refugees. Thanks for your great comment. Take care.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Shane. I really have taken a lot of photos there.

  3. Interesting art work. Actually I wouldn't mind having some of the Berlin Wall around my garden artwork and all.

    1. Same with me Rasma. I would not mind to have this kind of wall in my garden. You have given me an idea to let my artist hubby paint a wall in my garden in the Philippines. Thanks and have a wonderful day.