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Monday, 10 August 2015

Dining At Ristorante Bellini

I had my birthday a few days ago but I did not celebrate it with my friends and relatives. I was not in the mood for celebration nowadays and so I even forgot it until a day before my birthday when my best childhood friend congratulated me on Fb. That was the time then for me to think where to have a dinner for 2 with my hubby. I searched online where to and decided to have an Italian dinner. 

Balcony of Ristorante Bellini overlooking the city promenade.

I´m already scared to dine in a Chinese restaurant as the last 2 times, I was  sick the whole night after those dinners. I puked all the time in the loo that I said to myself, "no Chinese restaurant anymore."  If it should be Chinese food, then I have to cook it for myself. I think the food that I have eaten at those Chinese restaurants were already old or I am already sensitive to glutamate, the "silent killer".

Anti-Pasti / Starter

Anyway, we decided to have dinner at Ristorante Bellini  which was and still is located above the Berliner Tor (Gate) building in the city of Wesel. It was our first time to dine there and we were not disappointed. The ambiance was good and the food was delicious. We ordered  2 pizzas, Bellini for me and Diavolo for my better half.

Pizza Bellini was made of Parmesan cheese, salmon filet, fresh spinach while Pizza Diabolo was made of salami,  cheese, hot peperroni and of course tomatoes for both pizzas. While waiting for our orders, an anti-pasti / starter of pickled black olives, spiced butter and warm buns were served. It was a very delicious anti-pasti I have tasted.

Pizza Diavolo

Pizza Bellini

The view from the balcony of Ristorante Bellini

I know it was not the last time I ate at Ristorante Bellini. The next time I have to order another menu. Before I forget, the price was affordable, the service was very good and I think it was the Italian owner / cook who came to our table and talked to us. This is my kind of review. Thumbs up to Ristorante Bellini!

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  1. That pizza looks so good. Glad you had a good birthday. Best wishes to you.

    1. It tasted good, too. Thanks Rasma for your best wishes. Have a nice week!