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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

5 Goals for 2018 to Achieve

Happy New Year everyone!

I know, I am a bit late for greeting you. Christmas and New Year were a busy time for me. You know how it was. Besides having a mini job as a wellness massage therapist, I was getting slow as a snail in doing what I did for that time of the year. 2017 was so fast I should say. Many things happened but I am thankful to God for all the blessings that I have received.

Do you have a new years resolution? As we have a new year, many friends of mine are making their resolutions. I hope they will be successful in achieving them. I don´t do any new years resolution. However, I do set goals every year and try to fulfill them. Have you listed your goals this year 2018?

5 Goals for 2018 to Achieve

1. Keep my mouth shut whenever negative thoughts come to my mind. I should try not to give a negative opinion to whoever asks me. 

This would be very hard as I would be lying. I don´t like to lie as well as I don´t like liars. What about if someone says, "how do I look? I have painted my eyebrows." What should I say? If that girl looks like a monkey with that new fashion looking painted eyebrows? Shall I tell the truth?

I think, in this case, I will be back to my teenage self and tell the girl that she looks good although I find it awful. Maybe I should say, you look more beautiful the way you look before.

2. Working hard for the money and travel for months. No suffering, no reward but hey, who suffers here? I love my mini job and I enjoy it. This is the longest job I have in life. It would be great having months of vacation in a tropical country of my choice. Digging the soil in my tropical garden will be enough reward for the hard earn Dinero. Well, besides other things I have missed.

3. Writing, writing and writing. Maybe to cash out much more from writing. Having this goal, I have to discipline myself and make a schedule. This is one of the hardest things I have to do as I am sometimes lazy and just want to relax in our electric massage chair while reading. Talking about writing, Valentines Day is fast approaching and I have to write a blog about love. I wonder what title I will have. Do you have any idea?

My writing place.

4. Enjoy life as it is. Avoid worrying about anything that might happen which is not of my choice and which I can not control. Be happy. Nobody does that for me. Sometimes, being selfish is good.

5. Stay healthy as much as possible. It is not nice to get sick without a caring mother on my side. Love and care your mother. You will never find another like her.

Marinated Chicken Salad recipe 

I have set a lot of goals this year but I don´t write all of them as they might go down the drain again like last year and the other years that past.

Anyway, how´s life in your neck of the woods? Did you set a goal for yourself?

Thank you very much for stopping by. Please feel free to comment, like and share this blog to your social media sites. Take care and God bless you all.

BTW, this is my first blog this year 2018.

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  1. Let us hope this will be a banner year for all of us. I too wish to write more and cash out more. I am hoping that I will be able to come out with my first book of poems soon. Sending you virtual hugs and wishing you all the best this New Year.

    1. Yes, let us hope that this year will be a good year for us and we have do something for our success Rasma. Sending you a virtual hug, too. I wish all the best for us this year 2018. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. For #1 you could tell her, "Well, I don't really like it, but if you do that's all that matters." And I'm with you on #3. I need to write more on schedule. Its one of the resolutions I set for myself this year too!

    1. Hi Nona! Happy New Year 2018. Well, I could say that #1 advice of yours if someone will ask me again. I hope we could do the #3. Schedule, descipline and perseverance. Thanks for your comment. Take care.