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Friday, 1 May 2015

Barbeque On Labor Day!

Chiemsee  Bavaria, Germany

Happy Labor Day Guys! It was a beautiful and sunny day in my neck of the woods although it was not so warm as I have expected. It was only 13°Celcius but because of the bright sun, we were having barbecue get together in my friends garden. That was great. We were having a lot of fun.

Do you know that Germans are fond of barbecue grilling in the garden? Yes, they are. Most of the foods that landed on the grill are:
  • chicken legs and wings
  • pork steaks and  ribs
  • beef steaks and ribs
  • Bratwurst / Bratwürste, Rostwurst, Thuringer, Nürnberger and other kinds of sausages

Chicken legs and wings and Bratwürste (sausages)

German Labor Day is on the first day of May. It is a no work day to most of us and there are lots of events around in the country like "Tanz in den Mai". It is a Maypole raising and dancing day where people are dancing around the huge pole. Maypole dancing is a traditional folklore dance here in Germany. Below are the videos on how the pole is being raised and how the people danced with it. Sorry, I have to delete the videos. You can Google about Maypole dancing online. Thanks.

The first photo was taken at Chiemsee, Bavaria. Here´s the link if you are interested to read my visit in one of the beautiful places in Germany. Thank you very much.

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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Walking To The City

The photo I took while enjoying my walk in the city.

Walking is one of my hobbies. Not because I can´t drive a car but because I love it. Although I don´t do it as often as I should, I do it at least twice a week. In every city in Germany, there are places where one can enjoy walking in the woods or in the parks filled with beautiful flowers. 

The parks are being taken care of the city gardeners. Don´t you know that you have to go to school for 3 years to become a gardener in Germany? Yes, it is a must. No wonder the gardeners are experts about plants.

Below are some of the photos I took this afternoon while walking to the city. Sad to say, I still have to know the names of those plants.

Are they not lovely?

Magnolia? I am not sure.
It is always lovely to walk in a bright and sunny day when I can see Spring is here after a long and freezing winter.

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Monday, 27 April 2015

Mother´s Day in Germany

May 10 this year is Mother´s Day in Germany. Do you ever celebrate Mother´s Day in your country?

Well, it´s time again for us to value and appreciate the duty of our mothers as well as their love to us children. Nothing is as precious as the love of our mothers although some of us only value that when it´s too late. When our mothers are no longer with us to care and advice us whenever we need a shoulder to cry on. So Guys, enjoy the time with your mothers as well as your fathers. 

Have you ever think of what you give your mother for Mother´s Day? Any ideas what your mother would love to have? Best idea for Mother´s Day is not expensive but it can be wonderful and memorable for both of you.


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