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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Photographs of the Hansefest in Wesel 2017

Hansefest is a historical trade fair event in Wesel, Germany. It is a Middle Ages historical event where traders from other neighboring towns and cities of Germany participated. Hansefest is a medieval guild of merchants event where most of the merchants wear clothes from medieval time. It is a 3 days event which starts on Friday and ends up on the following Sunday every year on the last weekend in October. Besides PPP (Pauken Plunder Promenade), this is one of the most awaiting events in Wesel.

Handmade pieces of jewelry, toys and lampshades at the Hansefest 2017.

Hansefest started in 1991 when Wesel city celebrated its 750 years foundation. Since then, thousands of visitors came to Wesel to witness the trade fair event. More than 50 merchants from all over Germany participated and have their products for sale in their self-built tents and stalls. 

Tents and beer garden around the Berlinertor (BerlinGate).

The event started from Berlinertor (Berliner gate) at the post office, straight through the shopping promenade until the front of the Willibrordi cathedral.

Here are the photos of Hansefest 2017:

Wooden Ferris wheel at the Berlinertor.

Handmade pieces of jewelry at the Hansefest 2017.

Strassenorgel / Street organ

Strassenorgel / Street organ

Back of the Strassenorgel / Street organ.

Children with their parents took horse carriage ride at the Hansefest.

Pieces of jewelry for sale at the Hansefest event.

Awesome handmade birds for sale.

Isn´t it beautiful? Metal handmade bird.

Amethyst and rock crystal for sale.

Earrings and necklaces made of amethyst and rock crystal.

Turkish tea for sale.

Gourmet coffees and spiced teas for sale.

Different kinds of teas for sale. Peppermint, herbal teas and more.

Homemade marmalade and jam for sale.

Stockbrot / bread in a stick baked in that old fashion oven.

The merchant tents with the products for sale before the visitors were coming.

Herbal fruit candies, liqourice and herbal candies for coughs.

Guinness and whiskeys for sale and a riding toy for small children on the left side.

Different kinds of spices from Himalayan salt, pepper, chilies, basil, rosemary, sage, etc.

Sheeps skin clothing and cushions for sale

The Hansefest was a wonderful event that ended on Sunday where there was a "Verkaufsoffen Sonntag",  shops were open from 1 in the afternoon to 6 in the evening.

Below is the video of the Strassenorgel (Street organ) which I took on that Sunday afternoon. The owner of the Strassenorgel showed me the mechanics behind the music played. Enjoy watching!

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  1. I would love to go to this one, all the pretty stuff I would buy!

    1. I wish you could Angie. There were indeed pretty stuffs for sale. Good as Christmas gifts. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. I'm listening to the street organ as I write this. One thing I noticed is that the horse carriage in your picture is much large than the ones we have here. Yours looks more like a bus drawn by horses. Ours are more like buggies.

    1. Really? It was indeed a big carriage as I thought there were more than 10 persons inside. Well mostly small children and their parents. There were also people on top of the carriage. It took me a long time until it was empty for me to take a photo. Thanks for stopping by Barbara.

  3. The Hansefest looks like so much fun for kids of all ages! I was intrigued by the wooden Ferris wheel. And I love the handmade birds!

    1. Yes, this event is for all ages. I think I will ask the operator next time how old that wooden ferris wheel is. It is really fun for the kids riding while their parents watching them. Those handmade birds were awesome. I love them too. Thanks for your visit Ruth. Have a great new week;-)

  4. Look like a great place to go.