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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Feierabend Market in Wesel

Last Thursday, October 19, was the last Feierabend  (after work) Market in Wesel. It started at 4 in the afternoon until 8 in the evening as what was stated in the event schedule of Wesel.

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and so I was motivated to see the Feierabend Market, which was an Open Market, in the Great Market of Wesel. I thought, maybe there were a lot of stalls selling flowers, clothes, bread, sausages, meat and fruits. I thought there would be a lot of people strolling at the Feierabend Market which was located in front of the Willibrordi Dom (Willibrordi cathedral), but it was not the case.

Dried and roasted fruits like raisins, bananas, walnuts, coconuts, etc.....

When I arrived in the Feierabend Market, there were not a lot of people strolling and buying goods. Maybe I was so early. Maybe there were people coming there when I left before 5 p.m. People who visited the event later after their work.

Ginger root candies, spicy.

Anyway, in the Feierabend Market, there were stalls with flowers, bread, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, and candies. What I was interested of was the stall which sold roasted and chocolate coated peanuts, walnuts, dried pineapples, dried bananas, dried dates and many more. I bought 200grams of those ginger root candies as I knew they were good to my throat especially now that the winter is coming.

Sugar coated peanuts, dried bananas, dried peaches, dried apples, ginger root candies, etc...

There were many beautiful flowers and different herbs sold in one of the stalls. I could have bought some of the herbs but I still have them at home.

Have you visited an open market in your place? What goods are they selling?

Flowers sold at the Feierabend Market.

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  1. That sounds like a nice market! I've been selling things in our open-air Friday Market almost every week, but nobody's selling roasted nuts or ginger candy.

    (Ginger is an interesting rich in phytoestrogens that I became wary of using it when younger, but many people swear it's better than Dramamine for motion sickness.)

    1. Hi Priscilla King. It is nice to see you again. Really? No roasted nuts or ginger candies? That is what I like here visiting an open market because of these roasted nuts and dried fruit candies.

      Yes, ginger is an interesting herb. It is indeed better than taking a medicine to fight nausea. I mostly have these ginger candies when traveling especially flying. Besides that, it helps when having a cold.

      Thanks for dropping by and have a wonderful week.