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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Photographs of Places To See In Wesel, Part 1

Wesel has its yearly PPP city festival next month which starts this coming Friday, the 31 of July until this Sunday August 2  that I thought I would write some places where tourists could visit. Wesel is located in North Rhine Westphalia.

1. Willibrordi Dom, the Protestant Church

Willibrordi Dom at the Market Square

2. Christi Himmelfahrt, the Roman Catholic Church

Christi Himmelfahrt Church near the Market Square.

3. Berliner Tor, Berliner Gate near the Post Office

Berliner Tor, the entrance to Wesel City.
4. Langer Heinrich, the Satelite and Funk Tower

Langer Heinrich view taken at the back side of the train station.

5. Wesel City Promenade

The Shopping Promenade

6. The Popular Weseler Esel (Donkey)

The Weseler Esel at the Berliner Tor.

Those are only some of the beautiful places to see in Wesel which I share with you today. I still have a lot more to share and I hope you will still come and visit this site. Thanks for being here and have a wonderful week ahead.
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  1. Great pics. Makes me want to visit.

    1. Thank you very much Rasma. That would be great if you can visit those places. I might be able to meet you. Good night!

  2. Beautiful pictures, they really make me miss Germany! Thanks for sharing them!

    1. Thank you Tina. You are very welcome. I hope you can visit Germany again.