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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

5 German Delicious Cakes For A Coffee or Tea Break

Germany is a country with not only different kinds of bread but also delicious and scrumptious cakes. You should not forget  to try eating the cakes in a cafeteria when you are travelling in Germany

Traditionally, the Germans have their breakfast at 6-7 am, lunch at around 1 pm, coffee breaks at 3 in the afternoon and supper is between 6 to 7 in the evening. The lunch time is the heavy meal of the day while the evening meal is just bread, butter and some ham or cheese or maybe salad. It´s a bit like the traditional breakfast.

Well, most Germans especially those who are working, have their own eating time schedules. The retired people have their own meal time as well as they don´t have to wake up early anymore.

Talking about coffee break, these cakes in the photos are some of the cakes you should not miss to try. Enjoy! 

1. Fruit Cake---I made this one when I was in my home country Philippines for our            Christmas celebration a few years ago.

2. Chocolate Cake---a ready made one I bought in the shop when I had no time to bake.

3. Cheese Cake (this one with cherries) ---when I was in the city and had a coffee break in a cafeteria.

4. Apfelstrudel / Apple Strudel with vanilla custard---when I was with my friend in a Bavarian      Altes Hackerhaus restaurant in Munich. My yummy dessert.

5. Schwarzwäldertorte / Black Forest Cake---I baked this cake last month as a birthday gift to a friend. The link is a recipe on how to bake this cake.

I know your mouth is watering now while seeing these yummy photos of mine. I can understand as I am getting hungry writing this article, too. I hope you have enjoyed reading and that you will comment or even read some of my recipes or more in my Hubpages writing site. Here is my HP link.

Thank you very much!!!

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  1. This made me soooo hungry. All the cakes look great but I really love apple strudel.

  2. I can relate to being hungry looking at those photos. Apple strudel is also one of my favorites. Thank you very much Rasma Raisters. Happy weekend!

  3. I wish I could come in Germany Miss Thelma. hehe. My most favorite is the Black Forest Cake. It is very expensive in the Philippines.

    1. Maybe you can one day. We´ll never know. Anyway, I might see you when I´m there as I have seen you live in Butuan. I will let you try the black forest cake I´ll be making there when I see you in the future. Thanks for your comment ilagan shy. Happy Sunday!

    2. oh goodness! I would be glad to meet you soon ma'am Thelma! Had you lived in Butuan City before? I thought you grew up from Cebu. I'm very sorry if Germany is the only address I know where you come from, also I was guessing you are a Cebuana. Thanks ma'am Thelma! Anyway, I am shy if you'll make a black forest cake for me. hehe.

    3. I lived in BXU in my college years as I went to Urios College, I heard that is a university now. I know, the world is getting smaller every day. I usually go to BXU when shopping and so we will see next year pohon. You don´t have to be shy Shane. Just call me Ate. Thanks for your nice comment Shane.

  4. Thelma, You have made me very hungry. It's 10:20 p.m. here and I don't have any food in the house. Love your blog.

    1. Hi Brenda! It´s nice to see you in my blog. I can relate to that hunger you had while reading this post. It happened to me many times. Thanks for your comment. Have a nice day!