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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Traveling In Germany

I love traveling. Traveling widen my horizon and I came to know different kinds of people, their culture and tradition. Traveling in Germany is wonderful as there are many beautiful places to discover. Like the Rhine River. The Rhine River starts from the Canton Graubünden, at the southeast part of the Switzerland Alps, pass through Germany and then to the North Sea, in The Netherlands. 

Rhine River in Wesel, Germany

Traveling on the Rhine River is one of the best things you can do when you are in Germany. There are plenty of Rhine River cruises. You can choose a certain place where you can start your  trip. 

Here in Northrhine Westphalia, commonly known as NRW, you can take a cruise from  Düsseldorf or Cologne (Köln) to the next stop of the river cruise or vice versa. You can also take the Rhine River cruise from a certain part of Germany which will head to The Netherlands or to Switzerland. Suits yourself in which awesome view you would like to take.

On the first weekend of August, there´s an event in Wesel, NRW. It´s the PPP weekend. A festival at the Rhine River and there are cruises on that fireworks Saturday evening where the locals and the tourists watch the fireworks by the river bank or inside a cruise ship. Well, if you happen to be here in Germany at that time of the year or if you are planning to visit NRW, why not experience it. I´m sure you will love it.

Please check this link below of the PPP in Wesel for more information. Thanks for reading.  

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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

"Der Tag des Brotes" Germans Day of Bread

Multi Grain Bread Rolls

Hello Guys! I have just heard in the news that today is "Der Tag des Brotes". It is the Day of Bread in Germany.  A day for celebrating varieties of German  bread. 

Germany has more than 200 different kinds of bread from whole wheat, rye and wheat, sunflower to pumpkin seeds, multi grain seeds and many more. From white bread to the dark one like the Pumpernickel. 

Bread is a part of the German culture and is eaten during breakfast (Frühstuck), lunch and during dinner time. It is called "Brotzeit" (bread time). Even for a snack, bread is eaten as sandwiches with cheese, salami, Nutella, salads, etc. You name it, we have it.

Have you tried some of the bread mentioned in this video? Please comment if you have and if you like it or not.

Multi Grain Bread Roll Sandwich with Gouda and Smoked Schwarzwälder Schinken or Ham

Schönen Tag noch! Have a nice day!

Her´s a link for you to check.

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