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Monday, 11 May 2015

Ein Bißchen Frieden, A Little Peace

Is what we need in this troubled world we live in. "Ein Bißchen Frieden" which means "A Little Peace" was the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1982 in Harrogate, England.  It was not only sung by  Nicole, a 17 years old  beautiful German girl but also the song lyrics was  awesome to hear. Nicole sung this song in many languages. Amazing!!!

Update: Sorry Guys! I have to delete the you tube videos. I´ll post a link though later.

"Ein Bißchen Frieden" was the first German song I felt in love with. It was in this song that I tried to learn the German language as I was not even a year old living in Germany at that time. Of course I heard the German version first in the tv before Nicoles appearance in The Eurovision Song Contest in Harrogate. I did not understand it but the desire and longing in her face while singing this song inspired me to learn the language.

Listening to this music awaken some wonderful memories I had in my early years in my adopted country. I am not sure if you have heard this awesome song before, if not, I am glad to share this with you. Enjoy! Peace be with you.

                        View from the Frauenchiemsee, Bavaria, Germany.

These are the links to my video travel articles , if you are interested and I hope you are.

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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Happy Mother´s Day To All Mothers In This World

I will dedicate this page to my mother who is no longer in this world. I was not able to say goodbye to her and I am missing her. Talking and writing about her is the only way that can help me overcome my sadness. I know that a person said that I did not love my mother as I moved to Ireland with my hubby instead of going home to her funeral. I had no other choice because it was all planned but I know my mother understood that. I have tried my best to keep her memories alive. Happy Mother´s Day Nay wherever you are.

This is the photo of my mothers orchids behind our house. She had plenty of orchids in our garden planted when she was still alive. I take care of them when I am in my home country Philippines and when I am in Germany, my cousin is taking care of them. I´ll show you some of her orchids here. 

This is a 40 years old orchids which my late mother received from her now late brother, who was a forester in the jungle of the Philippines.

In these links you can see a lot of of my mothers orchids.   is a poem.   

it is about how I take care of potted orchids here in Germany.

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!

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