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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

5 German Favorite Snacks On The Go

Germany has plenty of immigrants who mostly came from other European countries like Turkey, Spain, Italy, Greece, France and Netherlands. Well, some Asian are here too like me. Every immigrants brought their own tradition and culture and of course their food culture. We have abundant restaurants from different nationalities but Germans are still fond of eating their favorite snacks.

Here are some of the Germans favorite snacks.

1. Brötchen mit Aufschnitt 

Brötchen with Aufschnitt means a bread roll with cold cut or smoked meat like ham, salami, Schwarzwälderschinken (Black Forest ham), roast beef or pork. It could be with cheese too like Gouda, Brie or cheese spread. There are lots of Brötchen variations. You only have to tell to the vendor what kind of fillings you want to have. Mostly, it is just a simple Käsebrötchen or Schinkenbrötchen (cheese or ham bread roll).

Rye Bread Roll Sandwich w/ Gouda & Schwarzwälderschinken
2. Currywurst

Currywurst is a hot sliced pork sausage covered with curry catsup or tomato paste made into sauce and eaten with bread rolls or French fries. Currywurst is one of the most eaten snacks in Germany.

Currywurst with bread roll
3. Croissant Sandwiches

Croissant Sandwiches are made of croissants (of course) spread with butter, margarine or cheese spread and filled with anything you like but mostly with cheese, ham or any cold meat cuttings like salami and added with some egg, tomato and cucumber slices.

Croissant Sandwich
4. Matjes Brötchen

Matjes is a preserved brined fish, Herring. It is not only eaten in Germany but also in The Netherlands and some parts of Europe. This Matjes is mostly put inside the bread roll or baguette and serve with slices of onions.

Matjes Brötchen with onions

5. Bratwurst 

Bratwurst is a fried or grilled pork sausage and it is mostly eaten with bread rolls with mustard or curry catsup.

Fried Bratwurst

I could have added Döner here in the list but this food is not German. It is a Turkish popular snack which is getting popular in this country. 

BTW, have you eaten some of the snacks I have mentioned above? Would you love to try just in case you will be visiting Germany? Thanks for reading this blog and please don´t hesitate to comment, like or share. Have a nice day to all. Take care;-)

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