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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Views From Willibrordi Cathedral

Have you climbed a cathedral and saw the beauty of the surroundings?

Willibrordi Cathedral view from the Great Market place

Last August 6, I climbed the Willibrordi Cathedral in Wesel, North Rhine Westphalia here in my adopted country, Germany. The Gothic Basilica is I think one of the oldest cathedrals in NRW (North Rhine Westphalia). It has 5 naves which were built between 1501 to 1540 and a tower which was built between 1477 to 1478 (Source Wikipedia). It has 50 tombstones which were fixed to the walls.

Willibrordi Cathedral Organ

The day I climbed the Willibrordi Cathedral was a PPP (Pauken Plunder and Promenade)  Townfest weekend in Wesel. The cathedral was opened to the public for climbing up to the viewing top of it. There were  Tombola tickets sold if anyone wanted to win a lottery. I bought 2 before I climbed the stairs but didn´t win. There was a paper pinned on the door stated that there were 216 steps in going to the viewing platform. (It was corrected by a friend later that there were actually 217 steps.) 

Inside Wilibrordi Cathedral

There were not many people climbing the stairs at that time and I was glad because the stairs were so steep, narrow and curvy. Often times though, I had to stop to let people who came from the viewing platform passed by so they were able to go down the stairs. I also stopped to take photos of the church bell below me. I was surprised at myself as I was not losing my breath when climbing. I was fitter this time than the first time I have climbed the viewing platform 10 years ago.

The steep, narrow and curvy stairs of  Willibrordi Cathedral.

Willibrordi Cathedral Bells

Arriving at the hall of the viewing platform, I rested on a bank and prepared my video camera and smartphone for my task. I didn´t know how high the cathedral was but it was a stunning view of the Rhine river that caught my eyes. There was a Fleamarket at that time and I saw thousands of people strolling like ants, parading before my eyes while I pinned my eyes on the lens of the camera I was holding.

View from the Willibrordi Cathedral viewing platform. The Rhine River and Rhein Promenade.

View from the Willibrordi Cathedral viewing platform.

Views From Viewing Platform of Wilibrordi Cathedral

  1. The Rhine River
  2. The Rhine Bridge (Rheinbrücke)
  3. Großermarkt / Great Market at the cathedral
  4. "Langer Heinrich", the TV Tower in Wesel
  5.  Old Waterworks 
  6. Wesel City
  7. Buildings, houses and apartments

The Rheinbrücke / Rhine Bridge view from Willibrordi Cathedral viewing platform.

My visit to the Willibrordi Cathedral was a memorable one.I didn´t have to travel far to see those amazing views. Thanks for reading my travel blog. I hope you enjoy looking at the photos. Maybe you can visit this place one day. God bless!

The small park at the Willibrordi Cathedral.

BTW, the famous resident of Wesel was Peter Minuit, who bought Manhattan from the native Indian American.

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View of the Rhine River from Willibrordi Cathedral viewing platform.

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  4. Wonderful photos. We also have viewing places here in Riga. One is atop of St. Peter's Church and one atop of our TV Tower.

    1. Thanks Rasma. I wonder how far is Riga from Germany. That St. Peter´s church sounds good to visit.

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  6. Gorgeous pictures Thelma! I need to visit Germany soon as mom was born in and grew up in the Black Forest. I also recall walking down a Peter Minuit ave or maybe monument in NYC on a house sit last week.

    1. Thank you very much RB Biddulph. That is great to have heard that Peter Minuit has an avenue or munument there in NYC. We have a Peter Minuit street and a munument of him in the city of Wesel. I hope you can visit Black Forest (Schwarzwald) in the future. It is a beautiful place to visit and a lot of things to see.