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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Hello December!

Autumn in Germany

Oh my! It´s been a long time since I was writing in my Bloggers blogs. Time really flies too fast and now it´s December again. What kept me from posting here? Well Guys, I have a lot of things on my "plate". I have started working offline for a part time job and I was also busy writing on my other writing sites in Blogjob. Now I am back. I am updating something. 

Well, what have I done these last few months? Writing, writing and working!!! 

  1. I am a contributor of PILYA BLOG MAGAZINE which are for sale mainly in Germany. I am proud of myself to be a part of this magazine.
  2. My Thai friend asks me to work again in her massage wellness spa as a mini jobber and I accepted the offer.
  3. I made a lot of videos and photos for my writing sites.
  4. I made 2 gingerbread houses for my dutch nephews.
  5. I have made my first fondant roses for my cupcakes.

I am sure I have done a lot of things on and offline but I don´t know what else at this moment. Ah, I have a new writing gadget. It´s Samsung tablet and I find it good though I have not checked all what I can do with it.

Thanks for reading. Merry Christmas to all!!!

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My selfmade Gingerbread houses and cupcakes with fondant roses.