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Friday, 1 May 2015

Barbeque On Labor Day!

Chiemsee  Bavaria, Germany

Happy Labor Day Guys! It was a beautiful and sunny day in my neck of the woods although it was not so warm as I have expected. It was only 13°Celcius but because of the bright sun, we were having barbecue get together in my friends garden. That was great. We were having a lot of fun.

Do you know that Germans are fond of barbecue grilling in the garden? Yes, they are. Most of the foods that landed on the grill are:
  • chicken legs and wings
  • pork steaks and  ribs
  • beef steaks and ribs
  • Bratwurst / Bratwürste, Rostwurst, Thuringer, Nürnberger and other kinds of sausages

Chicken legs and wings and Bratwürste (sausages)

German Labor Day is on the first day of May. It is a no work day to most of us and there are lots of events around in the country like "Tanz in den Mai". It is a Maypole raising and dancing day where people are dancing around the huge pole. Maypole dancing is a traditional folklore dance here in Germany. Below are the videos on how the pole is being raised and how the people danced with it. Sorry, I have to delete the videos. You can Google about Maypole dancing online. Thanks.

The first photo was taken at Chiemsee, Bavaria. Here´s the link if you are interested to read my visit in one of the beautiful places in Germany. Thank you very much.

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  1. Looking very gratifying. It is further tempting because in the picture you are practicing a natural grilling gadget that produces smogs. The outcome of the barbecue is appetizing than using an electric grilling machine without smokes ma'am Thelma. You've got a fortunate husband out there since you know how to prepare delicious foods as well as planting delicate flowers.

  2. I like this kind of grilling especially with the use of charcoal in our home country. I think it is more delicious than grilling in an electric grilling machine. My hubby and I are both fortunate with each other I should say. Thanks for your wonderful comment Shane.