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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Photos of the "Tag der Offenen Tür 2015" in the Bundeskanzler Building

A framed collage hanging on the wall in the hallway of Bundeskanzler building.
It was "Tag der offenen Tür 2015" in Bundeskanzleramt  in Berlin last August 29 and 30. The Bundeskanzleramt / Chancellor building was 2 days open to the public. 2 days when the locals and the tourists were able to see the inside of the building. It was the time and the chance of the Federal Government to represent to the people how the government works and to be in contact with the German citizen especially that this year was the 25th year of German reunification.

The entrance of the Bundeskanzler building.

Before the visitors were allowed to enter the Bundeskanzleramt building, the people had to give their bags to the staffs who were assigned for that in the huge built-in tent outside the Bundeskanzleramt building. People were only allowed to bring a small bag or purse with their cameras, smartphones and their important documents. There was a very strict security control before we were allowed to go inside the Bundeskanzleramt ground. 

                                         The Chancellors Portrait Gallery
                                          Previous Chancellors of Germany

L-R. Chancellors Kurt Georg Kiesinger, Ludwig Erhard and Konrad Adenauer
L-R. Chancellors Helmut Schmidt and Willi Brandt 
L-R. Chancellors Gerhard Schröder  and Helmut Kohl
An abstract painting in the hallway.
The Conference room of  Chancellor Angela Merkel

The Press Section of the hallway.
Bundespolizei / Federal Police helicopter open for the public.
The cockpit of the Bundespolizei helicopter.

The inside of the Bundespolizei helicopter.

                            Gifts From The Statesmen of Different Countries:

U.S. President Ronald Reagan speech card at the Brandenburg Gate on June 12, 1987.

A gift from Saudi Arabian Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Saud to Chancellor G. Schröder in 2005.

A gift from King Hassan 11 of Marocco to Chancellor Ludwig Erhard in 1965.

A sculpture of Albertus Magnus sculpted by the German artist Gerhard Marcks.
The author with Chancellor Angela Merkels bullet proof car.

My visit to the Bundeskanzler building was an eventful one but sad to say I was not able to meet the Chancellor. I waited for hours until I got hungry and left the building. 

Thank you very much for your visit and I hope you like the plenty of photos I have included in this blog. Please feel free to share this blog to any social media sites you want to. Of course you can comment below. Thank you!

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  1. Thank you for the tour. Great pics and really enjoyed this.

  2. I love the art, Thelma. I'm going to share your blog with my friend in L.A. whose parents were from Germany. She spoke German until she went to first grade in New York. I think she will find this very interesting and give her some fond memories of Germany.