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Saturday, 3 October 2015

25th Reunification Day

The Remnants of Berlin Wall, Germany

Today, October 3 is the 25th Reunification Day, Tag der Deutschen Einheit, between the East and the West of Germany. Around 100 thousands of people celebrated the 25th Reunification Anniversary in Frankfurt. 

How fast was the time. I can still remember in the 80´s when a German was shot by a soldier at the eastern side of the Berlin Wall  trying to jump over to the west. How horrible was that for me watching in front of the TV, gobsmocked by the tragic event. 

I can still remember the day when the German people celebrated the opening / fall of the Berlin Wall. When the East and West Germans were jumping up and down, danced on the streets, rejoiced for that wonderful event. People were crying, hugging each other and some were climbing on top of the Berlin Wall, some were scratching  some pieces of the wall and demonstrating the freedom they have on that day on. It was a very weird feelings for me as an outsider living in Germany.

Reunited for 25 years, there´s no more East and West Germans. Freedom for all the Eastern Germans to go when and wherever they want to. No more boundaries except in the mind of other Germans. Plenty of things have changed, for the good and for the bad of the country but it is not for me to complain. Germany is still the best country I have moved to.

A month ago, I went to Berlin and have visited the remnants of the Berlin Wall. It´s not much left but the one that still there is painted with graffiti art. For me, some look good. I think it´s the matter of taste. The short video below was taken by me last Aug. 29, 2015.

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A part of the Berlin Wall, Germany

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