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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Back To Germany Again!

Hello there!

I know it has been a while since I have updated my All About Germany site. Many things happened in the last few months especially these past few weeks but I have learned a lot from being away from my 2nd home country Germany. I spent 10 months in my home country Philippines. I thought it was only 9. Lol! 

I have learned how it was to be sick there and how a parent illness and funeral brought a family closer to each other. It was a tough time but here I am, trying to move on with my life without parents to talk  to anymore. I have no regrets spending my time there because I have spent it with my late father and was in his death bed trying to comfort him and myself. 

So here I am again, writing about my expat life here in Germany and about my experiences in my home country.

Yes, Germany! What´s up with the Germans this weekend? Well, this coming Sunday, the 14th of May is Mother's Day. Hooray! Something to be happy about. Do you have Mother's Day celebration in your country this coming Sunday? Have you bought your gift yet for your mother? If you have not decided yet what to buy, please check these gifts in my Hubpages article. You will find a lot of goodies to make your mother happy. You don´t have to spend a lot of money for that. Your time with her is the best gift you can offer. Well, that is for me.

Bye for now. Enjoy your life and appreciate the blessings you got from whoever that is. Smile and the people will smile with you. 

Here is a poem I wrote last year for my late mother. I wish she is with me but she is with my father now in heaven watching over me and my siblings.

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  1. Glad to see you on Wordpress again. We will both remember our moms. I find it a comfort to light a candle for mine. See you online and hope your Mother's Day is sunny and bright.

    1. I am glad about that too Rasma. We will never forget our moms especially on Mother's Day. The weather is sunny here and I hope it will stay sunny. Thanks for dropping by. Take care.

  2. Nice to see you back Thelma so sorry about your dad but pleased you were with him :)

    1. Hi Caz,

      Yes, it is nice to be back again. It will help me move on with my life. Indeed I was pleased to be there in my home country spending the last months of my fathers life together. Thanks for dropping by.