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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

3 Fascinating Churches in Munich, Germany

As a catholic, I love visiting churches in every country I visited. When I was in Munich visiting my friends a few years ago, I did not miss taking a look of the most fascinating churches I have seen in Germany. Well, there are many historical and beautiful churches and cathedrals in Germany like the Kölnerdom (Cologne Cathedral) in Cologne Northrhine Westphalia but I would love to start with those which are far from where I live.

3 Fascinating Churches in Munich:

1. Frauenkirche is a gothic style church which is called the "Cathedral of our Dear Lady". It has two towers which contain 10 bells of different sizes  and which give each a very unique sound.                           

A cenotaph of Emperor Louis lV, the Holy Roman Emperor inside the Frauenkirche. I took this photo a few years ago.

Asamkirche (Asam church) inside with frescos in the ceiling. Amazing!

2. Asamkirche is a church built by the Asam brothers as their private church but was later used for the public. A beautiful church almost as beautiful as the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

3. Theatinerkirche or Theatine Church is an Italian baroque style of architecture design. The golden yellow color of the facade is of mediterranean flair.

Thanks for reading. I will be writing more of the churches in Germany soon. Just keep in touch. Have a wonderful day to you all.

Here are some links of my travel to Munich, Germany.

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  1. very beautiful places and churches in Germany! I am looking forward to your next post soon about the churches in Germany Ms. Thelma.

  2. Yes, they are indeed beautiful. Thanks for your comment ilagan shy. I appreciate that. Enjoy your evening there. Take care.