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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Happy Easter!

Good morning to all of you Guys who read this blog. We have a beautiful sunny day here where I am in Germany. We still have Easter Saturday which is a working day but some shops are closed. I am free today and so I will be able to enjoy the sunny day outside. What about in your country? Do you have a good weather now? I hope so.

As it is Easter weekend, I am sure that most of you there are busy preparing your Easter family bonding with delicious food to eat. Maybe some of you are just having a vacation in another country to relax from the stressful life especially at work. Maybe some of you just started coloring eggs with your children. I know that it is fun and you will be having a great time with the kids hunting the eggs, maybe at home or in the park of your choice.

Here is a link for you to know how Easter is celebrated in Germany.

Maybe you are going to have an Easter hunting with your friends or families. Here´s a link where you can hide the Easter egg chocolates and some other goodies.

Tonight or shall I say, this  Sunday dawn, our German time will be changed to summer time. The 1 hour time that was given to us last late October will be taken from us again. When it´s 3 a.m. dawn, it will be changed to 2 a.m. Changing time is always confusing to me. I hope this winter-summer time changing will be gone in the future. It just don´t give any sense to me. I will always be waking up late anyway. LOL!

Anyway, HAPPY EASTER 2016 to all of you. Take care and be safe always.

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