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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Many Ways To Indulge Your Strawberry Fruits This Summer

Is it a season of strawberries in your country? Do you love strawberries? It is strawberry season in Germany. Germany has some strawberry field owners who let the public harvest their strawberries for payment. You harvest their strawberries for how many kilos you want and you will pay for the fruits you have harvested for a lesser price than in the supermarket.

Harvesting strawberries for my own consumption is fun. I was harvesting strawberries yesterday with my relatives and it was great. I had harvested 2 kilos and a half. Some were eaten for dessert, some were put in my strawberry lemon drink and some are now frozen for later use.

Fresh harvested strawberries with sugar and whipped cream ready to be eaten.

Here are some ways to indulge your strawberries:
  • For making strawberry dessert with yoghurt, ice cream or as fruit salad with other delicious fruits like mangoes or papayas.
  • For making strawberry lemon drinks especially for hot summer season. Just put 10 washed strawberries in a 1 liter jar of tap or drinking water, add a spritz or 2 of lime or lemon juice and let it stay for a few hours in the fridge for drinking later. 
  • For making strawberry tartlets or cakes.
  • For making strawberry jam or marmalades.
  • For making strawberry ice cream or added these fruits to a natural joghurt or a Greek yoghurt.
  • For making a delicious and healthy smoothie. 
  • For making milk shakes with other fruits.
  • For using the strawberries as  facial scrub. Just cut the strawberries in halves and toss them with brown sugar and scrub them to your face and wash your face after 10 minutes with clear water. Then pat dry and cream with your facial cream.
  • For making a facial mask, just mash 2-3 washed strawberries and apply them to the washed face. Let the mask stay for 10 minutes while laying down and then rinse the mask off. Then apply facial cream after patting your face dry.
Strawberries with sugar, ready to be frozen for later use in a cake, smoothies, milk shakes or in a dessert with yoghurt.
Strawberry Tartlets made by yours truly.

Here are the links on how to store strawberries and to make a yummy and healthy strawberry smoothie.

Thanks for reading. I hope you will enjoy harvesting strawberries just like I did. The links above are my articles in Hubpages about strawberries. Enjoy your days wherever you are. Ciao!

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  1. I love strawberries. Mine are growing nicely. Love this.

    1. I love strawberries, too. That´s great that you have planted your own strawberries Sandy. Thanks for your visit.